About Green Mountain System Works

We're a software consulting firm based in Vermont — with clients big and small throughout the world.  We specialize in working with our clients to architect and and build innovative mobile apps that solve real-world problems.
 No matter the industry, chances are we've built apps for it – from automotive to video production — and everything in between. 

Our Story: We've always been mobile first

As founders, our consulting careers evolved out of our high level management experience in working for Fortune 500 companies — Motorola, Unisys, Boise Cascade— and ultimately as founders of Green Mountain Software Corporation.

Green Mountain Software was inspired by the introduction of the Apple Newton MessagePad in 1993 — an amazing mobile tablet for its day. From the start Green Mountain Software was a Mobile First company.  During the course of its 25 year history we delivered more than100 innovative mobile solutions — both to enterprise clients and industry groundbreakers — pushing the edge of the technology envelope for innovation, capacity and performance. 

While Green Mountain Software was a general general services software development firm, over time we found it to be limiting. Increasingly we found clients coming to us for more than just our software development prowess — they wanted our hard won advice on the best way to apply mobile technologies to their business and in reaching their customers. 

It was time for a change.  It was time for Green Mountain System Works to be born. We stopped taking on every software development project that came our way, we pivoted, and we changed our focus. We wholeheartedly accepted the challenge of working side by side with our clients in advising them on the best way to leverage mobile solutions in their enterprise — and bringing the best of our technical and business know-how to bear.  

We closed our brick and mortar office, became a virtual company, and never looked back.  

In being virtual we are nimble. We can work with the best of clients, and we can bring the best talent to bear in carrying out our clients’ vision. 

Who We Are

Lou Krieg
President and Founder

Lou is President and Founder of Green Mountain System Works LLC, a software development firm creating visionary mobile apps based in Vermont. The company’s clients encompass a diverse mix of regional and national companies, including Consolidated Edison of New York, the Electric Power Research Institute, FVE and others. With an ongoing passion for mobile computing lasting more than 20 years, Lou has managed and delivered scores of mobile solutions to clients in industries ranging from automotive to energy and video production and everything in-between.

As President and founder, Lou is the company’s strategist and technology architect. In addition to providing technical leadership for the development team, he is the key liaison to the company’s clients in designing innovative mobile software solutions.

Lou thrives on applying mobile technologies to challenging problems that haven’t been addressed before — and ultimately solving tough technical and business issues for clients. With a background spanning both Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Lou’s affinity for hardware and software enables him to tackle demanding projects integrating hardware with mobile devices.

Lou grew up in Vermont, and after doing his stint with Fortune 500 companies found his way back.

Lou’s early career began at Motorola Information Systems Group where he became Director of Network Management Architecture and was responsible for developing the industry’s first open systems network management system. From there he led the Network Management initiative at Unisys Networks as Director of Architecture, before returning to Vermont to work for BioTek Instruments as Director of Software Engineering. In this capacity, he managed software development for a new generation of open-system microplate processors for ELISA immunoassays.

Lou founded Green Mountain Software in 1993 during the pioneering era of mobile computing, and led the company through technology transitions from the Apple Newton MessagePad, Palm, and Windows Mobile to today’s technologies of iOS and Android. Lou has a demonstrated proficiency in mobile computing and networking technologies, including systems design and architecture, user interface design, communications, database design, embedded systems, and network management.

In response to changing industry needs, Lou founded Green Mountain System Works in 2018 to focus on providing consulting services to a select group of clients in architecting their mobile technology strategies.

With a background spanning both Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Lou’s affinity for hardware and software enables him to tackle demanding projects integrating hardware with mobile devices.

He is an accomplished speaker and author on key technology issues, and received a BS in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from the University of Vermont.
Lou is a private pilot, sports car enthusiast, railroad buff, and an avid student of naval and submarine history. 

Ann Pettyjohn
Vice President

Ann Pettyjohn brings her project management, strategic marketing and business acumen to Green  Mountain System Works.  Working with clients on a day-to-day basis, Ann is responsible for business  development and operations.  Her role in working with clients is to make sure projects run smoothly —  from developing plans and schedules, initiating routine status calls and progress reports with the  development team and setting up a proper test plan.   

Ann is a native Oregonian, and found Vermont to be her “home” from the moment she set foot inside its  borders.  Like Lou her early career was centered around gaining experience with Fortune 500  companies — holding senior management positions in strategy, marketing, and communications.  

Ann began her management career in Corporate Communications at Boise Cascade, and transitioned  to high tech when she moved to New England to work for Prime Computer in Public Relations. She  joined Motorola Information Systems Group to lead a Speakers and Writer Bureau where she was  instrumental in developing marketing strategies to position the company as a leader in networking  technologies. She served as speechwriter to the President and key corporate officers, and ultimately  was promoted to a senior management position in Network Marketing.  

Ann moved to Vermont as Director of Marketing for Long Distance North and distinguished the  company as a leading regional long distance carrier.   Ann initially joined Green Mountain Software to assist with its marketing efforts—  and over time her  responsibilities grew to encompass all of the day-to-day operations of the company including business  development, customer relations management, strategy and financial management.   

Ann has a firm belief that Vermont and technology are a good mix.  As a founding board member of the  Vermont Technology Alliance, she is an evangelist for the software industry in Vermont.  Ann graduated maxima cum laude from the University of Portland with a BA in Communications and  holds a Streetwise MBA from the SBA’s Emerging Leaders program.    She is a big fan of English dramas, stately homes, riding in sports cars and general aviation planes,  loves to cook and is a foodie at heart.